Its simple we are different. We point you the Cleint in the right direction right Gym, Trainer, Camp, Team, Tips from the pro boxers (through our special events).

There are many gyms with a great history. That is what they are history living in the past. Us at NYC boxing bring you to the future of how this boxing game works. They just keep you in the gym we keep you on top of it all. The in’s and out’s cuts and knockouts. We give you the real deal trainer to match your style that will open you up. You will never be in a marriage that doesn’t go any where. Going beyond your personal best.

We have been to major fights and studied the tapes of great fighters. There is no great one we just have to find the right opening. You just have to navigate and land the right rhythm and program performance. And shine like a champ is to perform every big night and be hungry. We can tell if you where at your best just winning is not enough.
Strong is strong